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I’ve been making cookies my whole life. Well, almost. I was born on Christmas Eve, in 19. . . let’s just say it was the later part of the 20th century. While my mom and I were resting in the hospital, my dad and brother were home making Christmas cookies. The recipe they followed, which I still use to this day, came from my Grandma Wetter, my mom’s mom. I’ve been told it’s the best sugar cookie ever!

Throughout my childhood, we made these special cookies every Christmas. It was always a highlight of the season. Once I married and set up my own home, I started making cookies for other holidays too, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween. . . it became my new family’s tradition.

After gifting friends and family with our delicious cookies, I started to get special requests for weddings and birthday parties. Which leads us to Kelley Hart Custom Cookies! Our cookies are hand made, with meticulous loving care. We use the highest quality ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial anything. They are decorated with royal icing, and made fresh to order. Individually packaged or by the dozen, Kelley Hart Custom Cookies will make any occasion delightful and delicious.

Thank you for stopping by!

- Kelley Hart  Jenkins

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